SJCC Celebrates Black History Month

On February 20th, San Jose City College was proud to celebrate Black History Month with Ivy Omere. During her workshop, Ivy Omere spoke about the importance of educating ourselves about the rich history Africa. Aside from all the information that is readily available online, she believes that the misconception about Africa as a whole, that the entire continent has and always will be a poor, underdeveloped civilization, obscures the true about Africa. Which is a country that has a history of empires, civilizations older than the Aztecs, and hidden truths about how Africa has influenced the Western world.

Watch the interview here!

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  1. Ivy omere says:

    Hi There,

    Great to see this post!

    A correction: Africa is of course a continent, but you have it written up as a country. Could you, perhaps change this?

    Many thanks,


    1. SJCC Marketing & PR says:

      Ivy, thank you for the correction.

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