SJCC Promotes Apprenticeship Opportunities

SJCC hosted an event focused on new and innovative apprenticeship programs, which provided information, courses, and resources for San Jose City College students.

Students heard from guest speakers representing East Side Union High School District, Microfacturing Instututes, Work2future, Microsoft, San José City College, and the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office.

Students considered that while having a full-time or or part-time job is suitable for supporting yourself and paying for college, how does it advance them and their skills towards a career?

Paid apprenticeships and internships are made for making the transition from college to career seamless and improving critical in-demand skills. Employers want the best of the best, and what better way to become the best than with some early experience and familiarity with the job?

Most, if not all, employers nowadays are looking for someone who has basic technical knowledge and soft skills .

Some current apprentice/internships offered now at SJCC can be found with Meat Cutters and Iron workers in association with local unions, the Construction TOP pre-apprenticeship, and the Facilities, HVAC, and Electrical programs.

Laser Technology is an area where SJCC is developing apprenticeship opportunities in the near future. Technest-SJCC will start off spring semester with three cohorts of 50 students (150 total) and will focus on computer programming apprenticeships.

Every apprenticeship sets wages at a percentage of the prevailing wage, and as the student progresses through the program they will receive a pay raise for each new skill they master.

Apprentices also pay into union dues (if applicable), medical, retirement, etc. Depending on the trade, these apprenticeships generally range from 2-5 years.

Apprentices almost always obtain an associate’s degree, with a majority also obtaining a bachelor’s. Students are able to advance their skills toward their career, get hands-on experience, have a career-related job for up to five years, and possibly graduate with their AA and or BA.