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SJCC Marketing & PR Wins 5 Statewide Awards

San José City College’s Department of Marketing and Public Relations received five awards from the Community College Public Relations Organization (CCPRO) for work completed in 2019. This brings to 12 awards, including five for first-place, that SJCC has earned from CCPRO in the last three years.

The competition is exclusive to all California Community Colleges and Districts. Congratulations to Evergreen Valley College and the San José-Evergreen Community College District for their CCPRO awards.

The excellent work could not have been completed without the talent of our former graphics artist, and SJCC international student Priti Desai, and our collaborators at Milagro Marketing.

1st Place – Best Application of a Statewide Campaign

This campaign was designed to explain AB 705 to high school students. The legislation eliminated the use of placement tests for virtually all community college students, except for those taking ESL courses. Video edited by Priti Desai and graphic design by Milagro Marketing.

“Great job on taking the AB 705 changes and making it relevant to students, particularly this targeted audience of traditional new college students.” CCPRO Awards Commitee

1st Place – Class Schedule

Award given for the 2019 Summer/Fall Class Schedule. Design by Milagro Marketing.

“Eye-catching cover and message is inspiring.” CCPRO Awards Committee

See the schedule here:

2nd Place – Manipulated Photo

Award given for an SJCC game day image promoting Lady Jags Softball. Design by Milagro Marketing.

“Proper use of layering graphics and cut-outs, clean lines, good photo!” CCPRO Awards Committee

2nd Place – Poster

Award was given for a series of posters promoting AB 705. Design by Milagro Marketing.

“Nice photo quality and imagery. Good way to have copy become a graphic element. Nice background treatments to make the logo pop.” CCPRo Awards Committee

3rd Place – Magazine

Award given for the Cultivamos Excelencia Anthology of Literacy & Research Narratives. Layout and design by Priti Desai. Edited by Janice Sapigao and Karla Santiago-Reyes.

“It was refreshing to see a publication that solely focuses on the student experience. Passion. Courage. Creativity. Empowerment.” CCPRO Awards Committee

Read the publication here:

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