SJCC METAS Summer Bridge Helps New Jaguars Get a Jump on College Life


San José City College welcomes 100 high school transfer students who will transition to college thanks to the METAS Summer Bridge program, which provides complete support and academic services.  

 The students will finish foundational courses during the summer while learning to navigate college life. “When students finish the six-week program, they will clearly understand the work and expectations required to complete their college journey successfully,” said Dr. Enrique Velasco, SJCC METAS Director.   

METAS Summer Bridge, which begins on June 20, aims to help new Jaguars find their SPOT or Student Pathway to Opportunity and Transfer. With the guidance of two counselors, a program coordinator, a program specialist, nine tutors, and ten SJCC student staff members, summer bridge students will:  

  • Gain self-efficacy
  • Establish human connections at SJCC through their experience   
  • Strengthen their identity as a student  
METAS Summer Bridge students in a team-building activity.

 Students will also become familiar with and be connected to the various resources, programs, and services available to them at SJCC.

During Summer Bridge, they will meet with counselors to develop their Educational Plan, receive daily zero-cost lunch, get help to apply for financial aid, and can attend Supplemental Instruction for their summer courses.   

Students enroll in one of three METAS courses, including Chicana/o Culture, English Composition, or Precalculus Algebra, designed to prepare them for the rigors of college-level classes.

Students will also participate in field trips to San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Exploratorium.   

 The goal is to successfully guide students to graduation from SJCC and transfer to a four-year university or college.  

 Over the years, first-generation college students have found that METAS Summer Bridge has been the ideal program to help them navigate the daunting first semester of college. Last year, 86 percent of Summer Bridge Students enrolled in the spring semester.   

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