Jaguar volleyball wins home opener

In a thrilling volleyball match between San José City College and Gavilan College, the lady Jaguars came out on top with a 3-2 victory. The game, in the Percy Carr Gymnasium, on September 6, was the first for the team since the 2021 season.

The final scores of each set were: Gavilan 20, San José 25; Gavilan 21, San José 25; Gavilan 25, San José 22; Gavilan 25, San José 20; Gavilan 13, San José 15.

Both teams had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the game. Regarding attacking, San José had a higher hitting percentage in all sets except for the third, where Gavilan had a .132 hitting percentage compared to San José’s .036. San José’s Jessalyn Rugnao was a standout player, recording 23 kills with a .057 hitting percentage.

In terms of serving, San José had a total of 8 aces compared to Gavilan’s 4. Jasmine Alesna and Jenny Huynh were the top servers for San José, each recording two aces. Camila Gonzalez from Gavilan also had a strong serving performance, recording one ace.

When it came to blocking, the Jaguars had a total of 7 blocks compared to Gavilan’s 2. Elena Young and Jessalyn Rugnao were the leading blockers for San José, each recording two blocks.

The Jaguar Football team rocked the Percy Carr Gym as they cheered on the Lady Jags to victory.

Overall, it was a closely contested match, as both teams showed determination and skill throughout. The Jaguars strong attacking, serving, and blocking performances ultimately led them to victory.

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