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San Jose City College Centennial: Coach Terri Oberg-Hearn

Head San José City College Women’s Basketball Coach Terri Oberg-Hearn, known as Coach O, has very local roots. She grew up in Campbell and first attended West Valley College, playing on both the college’s basketball and softball teams. She transferred to Cal State Fullerton to play softball, where her team won the national championships her senior year. She then decided to…

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San José City College Centennial: Sculptor Michael Chukes

World-renown sculptor Michael Chukes’ love of art began around preschool, when he first saw his mother sewing clothes from her own original patterns. It inspired him to start drawing everything he could, letting his imagination run wild. His mother would call him Michaelangelo, understanding early on that her son was going to be an artist. Born in Vallejo, he was…

Centennial Stories Robert Poynter

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San José City College Centennial: Robert Poynter

Robert Poynter, aka Bobby “the Bullet” Poynter, grew up in Pasadena, California, during a time when Mack and Jackie Robinson lived there. Both brothers attended Pasadena Junior College (PJC), now called Pasadena City College. Before Mack’s last year at PJC, he won the silver medal in 220-yard dash in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and Jesse Owens won the gold. Robinson…

Centennial Stories Minnie Villarreal

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San José City College Centennial: Herminia Villarreal

Herminia Villareal, aka Minnie, was a mother of seven starting a new job teaching preschool and went to San José City College to get her degree to teach Head Start in the 1970s starting her on a new career she loved.

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San José City College Centennial: Dr. Cindy Huynh

Ethnic Studies Instructor, Dr. Cindy Huynh, spent the first part of her life in Des Moines, Iowa. Her parents were both refugees from the Vietnam War, resettling in Iowa. Shortly after Dr. Huynh began middle school, her mother moved her and her older sister to San José. Dr. Huynh’s formative years growing up in San José instilled in her a…

Centennial Stories Marcos Bretón

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San José City College Centennial: Marcos Bretón

Journalist and San José City College alum Marcos Bretón was born and raised in San José and attended San José High School where he had his first exposure to journalism working on the San José High Herald thinking it would be a fun class to take. It was at San José City College under the tutelage of instructor Art Carey…

Centennial Stories_Bert Bonanno

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San José City College Centennial: Bert Bonanno

Learn more about how Bert Bonanno developed a world-class track and field program at San José City College. Watch the premiere of Against All Odds: The Olympic Heroes of City College. San José has long been known as the “Track Capital of the World.” How does a city first known for its orchards become known for its runners? Former San…

Andre Phillips at 1988 Olympic Games

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San José City College Centennial: Olympian Dr. André Phillips

Before San José City College alum and Olympic gold medal winner, Dr. André Phillips won gold in the 400-meter hurdles at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, he made a very important decision in high school. Dr. Phillips turned down a full ride at UCLA to go to San José City College his first two years. And it’s a decision he has…