Why You Should Pursue a Career in Dental Assisting

Dental assisting students at San José City College practice dental procedures in the lab.

Schools.com voted the San José City College Dental Assisting program no. 1 in 2018

Whether you truly love going to your bi-annual teeth cleaning, or you’re just interested in a stable health career, becoming a dental assistant is a fantastic option that you should consider. 

Completing a dental assisting program at San José City College could jumpstart your career fast, and set you on the path that you’ve always wanted for yourself. Here’s why dental assisting is a wise career choice, and what you need to know about our programs.

5 Reasons a Dental Assisting Program is a Good Career Move

Let’s start with the exciting stuff. What’s so great about dental assisting?

  1. Job Security — Like other health careers, dental assistants don’t have to worry about fluctuating trends or high unemployment rates in their sector. Oral health is a universal need. And over the next 10 years, dental assistant positions are expected to increase by 7%, which is faster than the average rate for all jobs.
  2. Start Working Fast — Our dental assisting programs can be completed in 11 months or two years. If you’re serious about your career, you can find a job as a dental assistant less than a year after you begin the program.
  3. Grow in Your Career — You can always continue your education and professional development after becoming a dental assistant. You may want to do a dental assistant to hygienist bridge program or pursue other dental career options. This could also increase your income. But considering that you’ll be able to start working right away, a dental assistant salary is a great wage.
  4. Help People Stay Healthy — Doctors and health experts are realizing more and more the importance of oral health, and how it affects every aspect of our general health and wellbeing. Being a dental assistant is a generous and essential career.
  5. Consistent Work Schedule — Most dental offices have a fixed schedule Monday through Friday. So if you’re looking for some stability and consistency in your schedule, you’ll love being a dental assistant. 

Here’s how dental assisting programs at SJCC will ensure your professional success.

Why You Should Choose Dental Assisting at SJCC

The Dental Assistant Program at SJCC was voted #1 by schools.com in 2018, and it continues to flourish. At the core of the SJCC community is a wholehearted desire to support students achieve their goals and succeed in their careers. A diverse and vibrant community in the center of Silicon Valley also offers students a special experience as they study.

Graduate Samantha L. Elias (Certificate in Dental Assisting 2020) agrees. After completing the program, she said: “The Dental Assisting Program at SJCC was one of the best experiences I ever had, and it’s taken me to the next level of my career.”

At SJCC, meeting our students’ unique needs is central to everything we do. So we offer both an Associate’s Degree in Dental Assisting and a Dental Assisting Certificate (Level 3). That way, students can choose depending on their desired pace and career goals.

Our programs stand out among others because we offer some particular advantages that you won’t find in other programs.

Career Education Excellence

Passionate educators are the key to quality dental assistant training, and the program at SJCC is comprised of top-notch instructors. But there’s a larger team behind every student. Faculty, staff, and counselors are integral to every student’s experience as they strive to achieve their goals. When students complete the program, they are ready to start a new career.

Wendy Pio, a long-time Instructor in the Dental Assisting Program said, “… at the end of the 11 months, they [students] will have all the tools and all the licenses that they need to be a fully productive member of a dental office.”

Job Placement Support

One unique benefit at SJCC is that we have a specialist on staff to help students find the perfect job after graduation. They provide support with resumes, interview prep, and any job-related inquiries. SJCC even offers an online Job Board just for students.

And on top of that, SJCC has a fantastic reputation in the local community, so graduates are likely to get hired fast.


The total estimated cost of dental assisting education at SJCC is $1,500-$2,000 for the 11-month program. Costs are spread out over 11 months, and about $800 is needed at the start of the program. 

The price is unbeatable compared to other dental assisting programs in the Bay Area. Students who decide to pursue an AS Degree in Dental Assisting or students who would like to become college transfers — may even qualify for the first time full-time students program, and be eligible for free tuition for two years.

“… at the end of the 11 months, they will have all the tools and all the licenses that they need to be a fully productive member of a dental office.”

Wendy Pio, SJCC Instructor Dental Assisting Program

Dental Assistant Programs Provide Career Options

Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible and prepared to take the exam to become a Certified Dental Assistant (C.D.A) through the Dental Assisting National Board.

But dental assisting is a dynamic career with plenty of room for growth. So they may want to continue their education and further expand their career options. This is something they can do from the get-go or further down the line in their career

Some common health careers available to dental assistant graduates are the following:

  • Registered Dental Hygienist (R.D.H)
  • Dental Laboratory Technician
  • Dental X-Ray Technician
  • Dental Assisting Instructor
  • Dental Office Manager
  • Dental Sedation Assistant (D.S.A)
  • Orthodontic Assistant

Depending on your particular interests and skills within dental assisting, you can choose one of these career paths.

Dental Assisting at SJCC Means a Guaranteed Career

When people think of SJCC, they should think of careers like dental assisting. Our dental assisting degrees provide dynamic career opportunities for individuals from any walk of life.

It’s hard to find a downside when you choose a dental assistant education at SJCC. So if you’re hoping to make a bold career move now, it’s a great choice for you. At SJCC, we give you the support and resources that you need to reach your goals and unleash your brilliance. 

Whether you’re just starting out on your career path, or you’d like to make a professional pivot, pursuing a dental assistant education is guaranteed to open doors and change your life.

If you’re interested in one of our programs, don’t hesitate to reach out to dental assisting programs at SJCC.

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