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Study Computer Applications to Boost Your Career Options

Are you hoping to give yourself an edge in Silicon Valley’s tech friendly job market? Eager to increase your computer skills but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re just looking for some professional enrichment courses, so that you can better serve in your office environment.

No matter the circumstance, if you’re regularly working with computers (or you’d like to be) San José City College can help you. Our Computer Applications certificates and degree can provide you with just the expertise you’re looking for.

So let’s explore how mastering computer applications is a smart choice for anyone who wants to thrive in the modern workplace.

Computer Applications — What Does it Mean?

Without diving too deep into the nitty gritty details — here’s what you need to know about how computer applications work.

A computer application “is a package that performs a specific task for end users. It is a product or a program that is designed only for end users requirements.” It’s often confused with software because it is a type of software

But the key difference is that an application needs a user — a person to carry out the tasks. This is not true for all types of software. 

Some of the most common computer applications help users with the following functions.

  • Word Processing
  • Emailing
  • Image and Data Management
  • Calendaring
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation Tools

Digital literacy is essential for every professional. That’s why an understanding of basic computer applications is key — no matter who you are. 

Computer Applications Are Essential in Modern Office Roles

In the 21st century, every business uses computers. And every industry needs administrative support

So seeking education in computer applications is a practical and strategic career choice, especially if you’re interested in an office or administrative setting. Computer applications increase organization, communication, workflows, and efficiency. It’s only natural that businesses want to take advantage of them. 

But as we already know, all applications need knowledgeable users. And businesses want qualified professionals who can utilize them to their fullest. Here are just a few of the many career paths that require expertise in computer applications.

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer Service

All of these roles are crucial in today’s marketplace. They can be lifelong careers or they can serve as a transitional springboard into a different path or industry. 

“From an entry-level to a much more advanced Associate’s Degree level, you’re going to learn the practical uses of office applications […] so that you’ll be able to utilize them in an office setting.”

Mark Branom — Computer Applications faculty

Everyone Can Learn How to Use Computer Applications

So hopefully we’ve convinced you that a good understanding of computer applications benefits everyone. But you should also remember, it’s never too late to learn!

If you’re mid-career or hoping to make a drastic career change — getting back in the classroom to learn computer applications is a fantastic idea. It will make you more confident and qualified to break into a new industry or career.

Now you may be ready to dive right into computer applications class — but you might  also be wondering — where do I begin? That’s where SJCC comes in!

Why You Should Choose Computer Applications at SJCC

When people think of SJCC, they should think of careers, because that’s the path that we offer our students. And with our varied computer applications courses, this couldn’t be more true.

Developing your professional computer skills at San José City College is simple because our programs provide you with the practical support and encouragement you need to succeed.

The Computer Applications Programs at SJCC are business-oriented and designed to provide for a wide variety of goals. Here’s why you should study computer applications at SJCC.

SJCC Offers Diverse Computer Applications Programs

At SJCC, we know that everyone has unique career objectives. That’s why we provide lots of options, so you can cater your education to your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for a certificate in the basics, or a more advanced computer applications degree, SJCC has you covered. Check out our offerings below.

Dedicated faculty member Mark Branom, spoke about the versatility of these programs. “From an entry-level to a much more advanced Associate’s Degree level, you’re going to learn the practical uses of office applications […] so that you’ll be able to utilize them in an office setting.”

SJCC Focuses on Applications for Business

The computer applications programs at SJCC are designed around functionality. We want you to be able to unleash your brilliance in the modern workplace.

That’s why every certificate requires at least one course in business or business writing. We know that in order to advance your career, you need to learn computer applications for business. 

Branom said, “We cover a wide variety of computer applications. Mostly from Microsoft Office, but we cover the gamut […] we also include other tools that people use in the office these days, including the Google Doc applications, integrating with Cloud Technologies.”

Students who complete all three certificates or the AS degree in computer applications will be prepared to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist and Expert Level (MOS) Exams. With this achievement, students are more than qualified to provide valuable administrative support in nearly any business setting. 

And of course, anyone who completes an AS degree has the opportunity to continue their education and pursue the college transfer path.

SJCC’s Programs Are Supportive and Affordable

SJCC has a reputation for generosity and excellence. Our students come for the opportunity and incredible community we provide. 

Computer applications students can access our extensive support programs. We offer extensive financial, academic, and personal support for all types of students. Here are just a few examples.

  • The Career Closet — Offers free career attire for SJCC students, so you can look great for your next interview! Students keep the clothes and accessories they choose.
  • The Job Placement Center — Supports all job-seeking students with a wide variety of resources. You can get resume help, interview advice, access to a student job board — and so much more!
  • The CARE Program — Provides assistance for single parents. 
  • The Veterans Resource Center — Gives student veterans social, academic, and personal support.
  • Umoja — Supports students of African ancestry and other underserved populations.

Check out the complete list of support programs here.

A Computer Applications Degree Will Build Career Confidence

If you’re looking for a San José community college to help you advance your career and boost your confidence — look no further!

Any of our computer applications programs provide flexible and comprehensive support, so that you can learn the skills necessary to boost your career potential and succeed.
So take a look at the Computer Applications program details today! And if you’re curious about additional career opportunities at SJCC, check out our accounting, medical assisting, or dental assisting programs.

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