Unleash Your Creativity & Become a Cosmetologist at SJCC

Have you always dreamed of making a career out of your passion for beauty? Do you love being creative and meeting new people? Then a career in cosmetology might be perfect for you.

A cosmetologist is a beauty professional that provides personal care services for people’s hair, skin, or nails. And cosmetology is an expansive and dynamic field, an essential piece of the growing beauty industry.

San José City College’s Cosmetology Program has been consistently rated as one of the best cosmetology schools in California. Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of a career in cosmetology and how SJCC will help you achieve your goals.

“The SJCC cosmetology program gave me the skills I needed to be a professional cosmetologist, and the confidence I needed to go anywhere and become whatever I chose in this field.”

SJCC cosmetology graduate, Emily Baker

Booming Beauty & Personal Care Industry

It will probably come as no surprise that the beauty business is thriving worldwide.

According to the Common Thread Collective, an already booming beauty and personal care industry is projected to grow from $438B to $784B globally. (Yes, that B means billion.) And North America alone accounts for 25% of this.

Of course, not all of these billions are directly tied to cosmetology, but the link is strong. 

In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that “careers in personal appearance,” like hairstylists, skincare specialists, and manicurists/pedicurists had a particularly strong job outlook. The BLS suspected that this growth is due to the fact that what we once considered a luxury (say a pedicure or a facial) is now viewed as part of overall wellness.

While some of the cosmetology professions have been hit by the pandemic (barbers and hairstylists specifically), most are still projected to grow rapidly in the next decade.

5 Reasons to Become a Cosmetologist

Now for the perks. If you’re passionate about beauty and personal care then you’re in luck, because there are tons of benefits to choosing a career in cosmetology. Check out our top five.

You Can Embrace Your Creativity

This is a big one, especially if your love for pretty things is real. Everyone expresses themselves differently, but it’s human nature to want to express ourselves through our appearance. 

Whether it be through exploring new hairstyles, nail colors, or makeup combinations — as a cosmetologist, you can embrace your creativity and help others show their originality.

Enjoy Freedom & Flexibility

A huge plus for cosmetologists is that you can design your work schedule to be compatible with your lifestyle.

You can work part-time, full-time, weekends, only mornings or only evenings. Whatever you want! If you decide to open a salon, you can even be your own boss. And of course, you can adjust these choices at any time. When you make the call, nothing is set in stone.

Connect with Diverse Clients

As a cosmetologist, you’re sure to meet lots of different people. Because almost everyone has hair and everyone definitely has skin and nails. 

If you like socializing and chatting with your clients, you’ll get a lot of fulfillment out of the diverse connections you’ll make on a daily basis. While you’re likely to meet new people all the time, many of these connections can also turn into meaningful friendships that last for years.

You’ll Never Get Bored with the Dynamic Beauty Industry

There are a few major factors that make cosmetology a very dynamic space. 

First, you’re almost never in an office. Chances are, you’ll be working in an environment where you do many different tasks in a day, and no day will be the same. You also have the opportunity to become a specialist in something if you prefer more routine.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, is the fact that the beauty industry is always changing. You’ll get to have fun exploring new trends in hairstyles and colors, skincare, and even nail fashion. 

You’ll Have Job Stability with Beauty & Personal Care

Despite some losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cosmetology careers are still thriving.

As personal appearance and wellness become more closely linked, especially in the realm of skincare, beauty careers are on the rise. The BLS reported that jobs for skincare specialists and manicurists/pedicurists will grow by 17% and 19% in the next 10 years. These rates of growth are four to five times faster than the average for all other jobs. Because beauty is timeless.

“Success comes with patience and persistence, just like doing your hair every morning.”

SJCC cosmetology graduate, Matthew Rose

San José City College Has a Top Cosmetology School

The Cosmetology Program at San José City College has been around for many years. And it continues to gain statewide recognition for excellence.

We offer two options for cosmetology students — a Certificate in Cosmetology or an AS Degree in Cosmetology. The programs are nearly identical but the associate’s degree involves completing 24 units of general education requirements in addition to the cosmetology curriculum. The Certificate can be completed in a year and a half, the AS degree in two.

Both programs are designed to satisfy the requirements for the California State Board of Cosmetology. Which means you are eligible to take the State Board Exam to become a licensed cosmetologist once you’ve finished.

SJCC teaches students to meet these state set standards, but also to reach beyond them. Now let’s explore SJCC’s Cosmetology Program.

Learn at One of the Best Cosmetology Schools in California

According to SJCC, the Cosmetology Program is designed to provide students “with instruction in technical and theoretical knowledge relating to the basic skills in all phases of cosmetology, including current salon techniques and trends.”

“Emphasis is placed on application of skills in hair coloring, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, hair styling, hair cutting, manicuring, skin care, facials and makeup. Instruction in professionalism, salon management, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, sanitation, Cosmetology Act, rules and regulations are included.”

This comprehensiveness is one of the things that makes SJCC one of the best cosmetology schools in California. Our award-winning faculty is another.

“San José City College has a wealth of teachers that come from various places in their lives and careers,” said SJCC cosmetology instructor, Renza Nassab. “The students get a wealth of knowledge in terms of skincare, hair textures, hair coloring, and the latest trends.”

Through meticulous curriculum and unwavering support, the cosmetology faculty help students unleash their creativity and potential. “Success comes with patience and persistence, just like doing your hair every morning,” said cosmetology graduate, Matthew Rose. “I could not have gotten this far without input from staff and friends in the cosmetology department.”

Gain Confidence and Realize Your Potential

Our cosmetology program provides students with the practical skills and knowledge to reach their goals. But it also helps them nurture something that is even more crucial to success.

“The SJCC cosmetology staff and program gave me the skills I need to be a professional cosmetologist and the confidence I need to go anywhere and become whatever I chose in this field,” said cosmetology graduate, Emily Baker.

“This program works. Making students realize their potential, they can achieve their goals from whatever walk of life. And not just only being behind the chair, but in the community,” said Nassab.

Pay a Fraction of the Price for a Top Cosmetology School

If you’re being realistic about your future you’re probably thinking about cosmetology school costs. As a public school, SJCC is an affordable option — especially since we have extensive financial aid offerings.

This is important, because there are lots of private programs out there that may leave you in debt. The entire program at SJCC will cost you about $6,000 — while other private beauty schools usually cost double or even triple that price.

At SJCC, you’ll receive an incredible education without accumulating large amounts of debt.

“This program works. Making students realize their potential, they can achieve their goals from whatever walk of life.”

SJCC instructor, Renza Nassab

Begin Your Career as a Cosmetologist at SJCC

Still wondering what makes SJCC’s Cosmetology Program one of the best? Ready to start your career as a cosmetologist?

The Cosmetology Program will be in full swing again in the fall. So check out the program details today! And while you’re at it, explore some of our other certificates in business and computer applications.

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