How You Can Level Up with a Business Certificate

If you want to accelerate your business career or simply brush-up on your entrepreneurial skills, you should consider a business certificate. An accredited certificate program is a great opportunity for professional growth.

At San José City College, we offer an extensive selection of business certificates, providing our students with the most up-to-date business knowledge and practices.

With a business certificate at SJCC, you can cater your education plan to your unique professional goals. And the best part? You can study part-time and get your certificate in less than a year.  

Now let’s dive-in to everything you need to know about the Business Certificate Programs at SJCC, and how they’ll help you level up in your career.

“I chose San José City College because as soon as I stepped on campus it was inviting and they had many resources for me. And I knew that I was going to be able to do well here.”

Former SJCC business student, Samantha Goulveia

The Benefits of Getting a Certificate in Business

You might be wondering, why should I bother with a business certificate? If you’re just starting out or you already have a job in the industry, you may be thinking that job experience is more valuable. Especially if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business professional.

It’s true, there’s nothing like real-world, hands-on training. But if you dive right into an entry-level business job, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the support you’ll need to grow in your career. And if you’ve been working for years already, it’s easy to become stagnant and unmotivated — especially without guidance.

According to Forbes, mentors have been disappearing for some time now. So no matter where you are in your business career, if you really want to make progress — you probably need to refresh and revisit your skills. If you make the choice to invest in yourself now, and to do a business certificate — your return on investment (ROI) is sure to be high! 

Here’s why getting a certificate in business is guaranteed to accelerate your career.

Gain Credibility and Stand Out for Entry Level Business Jobs

This one’s for the newbies out there. An entrepreneurial spirit is valued in the business world, but so are qualifications. 

Even if you have an ingenious idea for a new company, or you have a natural knack for leadership that will take you far in business management — it’s going to be hard to prove when you’re first starting out.

Completing an accredited certificate program shows your dedication and drive. It provides you with authority and credibility in your field.

Boost Your Expertise and Learn Valuable Skills

A business certificate will equip you with valuable knowledge of the newest business trends and practices. It will also give you the confidence to take initiative and lead — in whatever role you decide.

This improved understanding of business, coupled with that credibility factor — will make you stand out from your competitors when you’re applying for entry level business jobs or seeking a promotion.

Network with Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Connecting with motivated individuals is essential when it comes to business. You’ll be inspired by other entrepreneurs and business professionals who share similar goals.

More importantly — you’ll grow your network and boost your chances of finding business partners and endeavors in the future. It’s a win-win-win.

Increase Your Earning Potential

The fact is that more education translates to higher pay. It’s proven that a certification program can significantly boost your income.

One study reported that employees saw a 20-40% increase in salary upon completion of a professional certificate. And that 79% saw a “tangible impact” on their career.

So there’s no doubt that a business certificate offers lots of professional benefits. It’s certain to open doors to more career opportunities.

Utilize Professional Development Programs Offered by Employers

Pursuing continuing education is a great choice at any point in your career. And certificates are an excellent option for everyone. The more you learn, the better. 

That’s why increasing numbers of companies are offering employees special professional development funds. They know it benefits the company as a whole — not just the individual.

So if you already have an employer, make sure you tap into any professional development opportunities they offer. If you ask, they just might make a strategic investment in your future.

SJCC’s Business Certificates Help You Evolve in Your Career

The Business Certificate Programs at San José City College are designed to support professionals as they adapt and grow in the fast-paced business world.

Business veterans and brand new students alike, come from all over the Bay Area to learn from the best. They leave with valuable skills and knowledge and they are rejuvenated by the support of a tight-knit community.

Former business student, Samantha Goulveia said, “I chose San José City College because as soon as I stepped on campus it was inviting and they had many resources for me. And I knew that I was going to be able to do well here.” Goulveia shares this sentiment with the vast majority of SJCC business students.

Now, let’s see what makes SJCC’s business programs a unique opportunity for students.

Customized Business Certificates Allow Help You Step Up

At SJCC, we know that everyone has different goals. To accommodate your special circumstances and needs, we offer seven different certificates of achievement in business.

  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship (Levels 2 and 3): If you’re trying to start your own small business, this is for you. Focus on the “how to” of things, so you’ll be able to get your company off the ground — from small business accounting to developing a marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to become an entrepreneur.
  • Certificate in Management (Levels 2 and 3): These are great options for improving workplace communication skills. Useful for just about anyone, but especially if you’re pursuing supervisor or business administrations jobs. You’ll learn the fundamentals of management, leadership, human resources, and more.
  • Certificate in Marketing (Levels 2 and 3): With these certificates you’ll develop your expertise in the foundations of business marketing. You’ll be able to pursue a career in marketing, sales, product research, and account management. This opens doors for a lucrative and fast-paced career with lots of opportunity.
  • Certificate in Real Estate (Level 2): You’ll learn the basic principles of real estate — including finance, management, and legal. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone hoping to pivot into a new career fast.

As you can see, at SJCC, you’ve got options. And if you enjoy the coursework, you can even build off of your certificate to pursue an Associate’s Degree in any of these areas.

Learn the Latest in Business from Supportive Faculty and Staff

At SJCC, faculty, instructors, and staff have one clear purpose — to teach and uplift students so that they can embrace their unique brilliance. They do this through excellent business courses and access to the latest developments in tech.

“The faculty is really supportive here at San Jose City College. If I ever need help, I know that they are there to help me.” Said Goulveia. During their time here, SJCC students learn that they deserve all the resources and guidance available to them. 

We offer them the most advanced education in every aspect of business. From new business management principles to emerging business technologies. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SJCC has opened its virtual campus through the Spring 2021 semester. So getting an online business certificate is easier than ever.

Job Development Programs Give You an Advantage

Our Job Development and Placement specialists bring our business programs to the next level.

They provide things like resume support, interview preparation, and connections to the wider business community. And while there are no guarantees that students get placed in internship programs, they help students obtain these positions whenever possible.

SJCC provides students with a special opportunity to get an exceptional (yet affordable) education. We strive to help all of our students achieve their career goals, and support them in any way we can.

SJCC Can Help You Advance Your Business Career Fast

You won’t regret choosing a business certificate at SJCC. It’s an opportunity for an enriching and empowering experience. The knowledge and skills you learn will lead to more career opportunities and a renewed sense of purpose in your professional life.
Commit to your future, explore SJCC’s business certificate programs today. And if you’re interested in more business administration careers check out our Associate Degrees for Transfer in Business, Accounting, or Mathematics.

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