Want to Become a Successful Skin Care Specialist?

Do you often find yourself Googling homemade face mask recipes? Have you discovered the life-changing power of a good facial or an at home gua sha routine? And are you constantly trying to share these skin care tips with friends?

If that sounds like you, then you’ve got all the makings of an esthetician: a beauty professional who specializes in skin care. To become a successful skin care specialist, passion and interest are key but so is esthetician training. 

With a professional certificate from SJCC’s esteemed Esthetics Program, you’ll be able to launch your skin care career today.

“This program has equipped me with the skill set to serve as a Skin Care Therapist in the State of California.”

Jaimie Gordon, former SJCC student

Why Should You Go to Esthetician School?

With the rise of the clean beauty movement and skin care influencers on Tik Tok and Instagram, it’s tempting to consider yourself an expert without ever really getting any official training. 

The expertise you gain when you self-teach is certainly valuable, but nothing can replace the structured preparation that esthetician school can provide. Here’s why you need to get professional training to become a skin care specialist.

You Need to Become a Licensed Esthetician

First things first. If you want to practice as an esthetician, most states require a license and a minimum number of hours in professional training programs. 

In California, you’ll need to complete 1600 school hours or 3200 hours in an apprenticeship program with written and practical exams. Then you can take the test to get your Esthetician License. There’s no way around it! But you shouldn’t think about it as an obstacle, because getting this required experience is extremely valuable for your career.

The Skin Care Industry is Thriving

No doubt, becoming an esthetician will require some hard work at the beginning, but it will be worth it, because the skin care industry is booming.

As we learned when we explored SJCC’s Cosmetology Program, the beauty and personal care industry is big. And it’s projected value is expected to grow from $438 to $784 billion globally this year.

“Business people demand to hire our students because they’re really well trained.”

SJCC Esthetics Instructor, Ada Weeks

Jobs for Skin Care Specialists are in High-Demand

Since a huge portion of the beauty industry is dedicated to skin care, with this growth comes an increased demand for estheticians.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), “careers in personal appearance,” like hairstylists, skincare specialists, and manicurists/pedicurists have a particularly strong job outlook in the coming years. 

Skin care specialist jobs  are growing at a pace of 17% (more than double the growth rate for U.S jobs overall). The BLS thinks that this rapid growth is because what we once considered a luxury (say, a facial) is now considered essential to overall wellness or self care.

Since skin treatments are becoming more commonplace it’s also easier to get entry-level esthetician jobs at larger franchises like ULTA Beauty or Massage Envy.

Depending on where you want to land, you might have to work your way up. But you can also open your own business or use a professional certificate in general esthetics to start on a path to something more specialized like medical esthetics.

There are so many reasons to pursue this dynamic career, now let’s see how San José City College’s programs will help you unleash your brilliance as a skin care specialist.

“I am truly grateful for our supportive instructors and staff.”

Farzaneh Omid, Certificate in Esthetics 2020

Get Top-Quality, Affordable Esthetician Training at SJCC

Our programs prepare you to uphold the highest standards in skin care. And with affordable tuition and generous financial aid, you won’t go into debt before you start working.

“The Esthetics staff at San José City College are some of the most passionate and well trained staff in Esthetics services in the nation,” states the department’s website. “In addition to teaching weekly classes, many of the full time instructors practice on the side as well.”

So it’s no surprise that SJCC students thrive after graduation. Now let’s explore what makes our program great.

Our Esthetician Programs Teach You the Highest Standards

Our program is designed to help students pass their state exams. “[It] provides excellent training and excellent preparation to take the Board Examination for Esthetics.” said former student, Jaimie Gordon in an interview. But it goes far beyond the minimum.

SJCC’s Esthetic’s Program teaches the highest standards for sanitation and innovative skin care in waxing, facials, back treatments, and makeup. “They’re trained on the massage procedures, product knowledge, and the different products we use on different skin types,”  said SJCC Instructor, Ada Weeks.

Our incredible instructors uphold these impeccable standards and practices.

Learn from the Best Skin Care Professionals

At SJCC, you’ll be learning from the best.

“The reason I chose San José City College is really due to the background of our professors,” Gordon said. “The Director of our program is a CIDESCO Diplomat, that’s the highest level of certification that you can obtain in the esthetics field.” 

Farzaneh Omid, another former student, completed her Certificate in Esthetics in 2020. “This experience has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. I’m truly grateful for our supportive instructors and staff members,” Omid said. 

“Business people demand to hire out students because they’re really well trained,” Weeks said.

Get a Business Background 

At SJCC we know that many of our aspiring estheticians have chosen this path in hopes of opening their own business. So we offer special opportunities for them too.

“We also received training in generating business plans for those of us that eventually have a goal of opening our own skincare center,” Gordon said.

For students who have this in mind, another great option is to pursue one of our 2 year degrees along with the Certificate in Esthetics.

Combine Your Certificate with an AA Degree

If you’re interested in starting your own business, you might want to combine your Esthetics Certificate with an AS Degree in Business or an AA Degree in Cosmetology.

Even if you don’t want to open your own business, an associate of arts in a related field will certainly make you more competitive when you start looking for esthetician jobs.

Launch Your Dream Career in Skin Care Today!

Your dream career as a skin care specialist is in your reach. So if you want to help others feel as great as you do when your skin feels good, and make a successful career out of it, check out our Esthetics Program today.

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