Secure Your Health Career with a Kinesiology Degree

San José City College athletes play Los Medanos in 2018. Photo by Sergio Estrada.
SJCC’s football team plays Los Medanos in 2018. Photo by Sergio Estrada.

Are you searching for a career path in health and wellness? Looking for a practical way to channel your interests in sports, exercise, or fitness?

Then San José City College, home of the Jaguars, is the perfect place for you. At SJCC our Kinesiology program offers certificates as well as an Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree (AA-T). So you can prepare to launch your sports career fast, or get on the path to completing a 4-year degree.

As the health and wellness industries continue to flourish, our kinesiology programs will set you up for success in your preferred specialty. Our dynamic programs will prepare you for a wide variety of kinesiology related jobs — from sport coach to physical therapist.

Here’s everything you need to know about the kinesiology programs at SJCC.

What is Kinesiology?

According to Britannica, kinesiology is the “study of the mechanics and anatomy of human movement and their roles in promoting health and reducing disease.” Now this may sound simple, but its relevance to overall health is astonishing. Knowledge of these complexities is essential for so many people in diverse circumstances.

“Kinesiology has direct applications to fitness and health, including developing exercise programs for people with and without disabilities, preserving the independence of older people, preventing disease due to trauma and neglect, and rehabilitating people after disease or injury.” Britannica states.

So, a good understanding is essential to sports and wellness careers. But why would you want to choose this path anyway?

Why Choose Kinesiology?

Wellness is a thriving industry that shows no signs of losing momentum. Most would agree that this is a good thing, because nothing is more important than your health. And since wellness strongly focuses on exercise and fitness — kinesiology is a must.

But the great thing about studying kinesiology is that it doesn’t set you on a rigid path. It provides you with the necessary foundation you need to make a choice. It opens up a long list of practical career opportunities in a growing field.

The Wellness Industry is Booming

Need the proof? The health and wellness sector is a $4.5 trillion industry that continues to expand. 

While wellness tourism is certainly on hold due to COVID-19, most wellness professionals have had no problem shifting their business models during the pandemic. 

People are more disappointed than ever with the American healthcare system — so the move from “sick care to well care” continues. Consumers are increasingly concerned with preventative care and living well. And even before the health crisis, the popularity of workplace wellness programs was on the rise. 

Wellness is probably one of the most legitimate trends — and thankfully it’s not going anywhere.

Kinesiology Offers Excellent Career Options & Salary Potential

Because there is such a high demand in the wellness space, there is a huge need for qualified health professionals in a wide variety of roles.

And of course, the more education and expertise you have, the better! If you complete a degree in kinesiology, you are beginning a journey that will lead to any of the following careers.

  • Sport Coach
  • Physical Therapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Kinesiologist
  • Sport Psychologist
  • Athletic Director
  • Wellness Entrepreneur
  • Exercise Physiologist

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of options. And if you choose one of the more traditional kinesiology jobs that requires you to pursue a bachelor’s degree, your salary potential skyrockets. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which groups Kinesiologists and Exercise Physiologists together, both make upwards of $100,000 annually (in California).

Now let’s dive into SJCC’s unique programs and why they’re sure to help you achieve your education and career goals.

“The San José City College Kinesiology program serves our students and the community by offering high quality, relevant, and innovative instruction for basic skills, career pathways, university transfer, and life-long learning.”

Deborah Huntze-Rooney, SJCC Coach, Kinesiology Faculty and Coordinator

The Kinesiology Programs at SJCC Are Designed For Student Success

San José City College is the perfect place to begin a health career in kinesiology. Students can take advantage of our robust athletics program, college transfer agreements, and varied academic offerings. This all gives them a huge leg-up as they break into the job market or transfer to a 4-year university.

Long-time SJCC faculty member and coach, Deborah Huntze-Rooney, said “The San José City College Kinesiology program serves our students and the community by offering high quality, relevant, and innovative instruction for basic skills, career pathways, university transfer, and life-long learning.”

SJCC’s kinesiology programs have something special to offer everyone — here’s what we mean.

SJCC Athletics Program. The women's volleyball team competes on campus in 2017.
SJCC’s women’s volleyball team competes on campus in 2017.

SJCC’s Program Meets Students Where They Are

We currently offer two programs, so that students can choose depending on their personal needs and objectives. You can complete a Certificate of Achievement — Level 2 or an Associate Degree in Kinesiology.

So if you’d like to establish credibility on your path to becoming a health entrepreneur, you can! But if you’re looking for a longer-term education plan, we have that option too.

An AA-T Degree in Kinesiology Ensures College Transfer

If you choose this second option, you can take advantage of the Degree with a Guarantee Program offered by California Community Colleges. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone hoping to complete a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year university.

When you complete your general and kinesiology major requirements with a 2.0 or higher, this program guarantees you a spot at a select number of California State Universities (CSUs). This means that choosing to be a kinesiology major is a great way to secure your future.

SJCC Athletics Program Provides Special Opportunities for Kinesiology Careers

At San José City College, our experienced faculty are dedicated to creating distinct, hands-on opportunities for kinesiology students. If you choose SJCC, there are two major ways that you’ll be able to learn practical skills outside the classroom.

  • SJCC Athletics / Jaguar Sports: We have nine intercollegiate sport teams. In addition to joining these teams, kinesiology students can also work alongside the school’s Athletic Trainer to assist with preventive and rehab care for student athletes.
  • Adapted Physical Education (APE): This program is supported jointly by SJCC’s kinesiology program and Student Accessibility Services, who have teamed up to provide students with disabilities access to fitness and fitness education. Kinesiology students have the opportunity to work with the instructor and students to assist with work out programs while also cultivating positive relationships.

But that’s not all, SJCC is committed to tapping into its surrounding community as well.

“Other opportunities that have come about for the kinesiology students include working in the community with outside organizations who promote fitness through the offering of sport camps, personal training, and athletic training.” Said Athletic Director and Dean of Kinesiology, Lamel Harris.

And the faculty and staff don’t stop there. “We continue to explore collaborative opportunities for our students to work with the local four year universities and professional sport teams.” Said Harris.

SJCC’s community is one of the most caring and encouraging you’ll find. And our kinesiology programs provide you with all the resources you need to unleash your brilliance.

San José City College Athletics Program. The men's basketball team plays a home game in 2018.
SJCC’s men’s basketball team plays a home game in 2018.

Choose SJCC Kinesiology to Secure Your Future in Health Careers

SJCC is one of the leading San José community colleges because of programs like these. Our Associates Degree in Kinesiology provides you with a top-notch education and extensive practical opportunities at an affordable price .

If you want to learn the value of a lifelong fitness practice and begin your career in health and wellness, check out our kinesiology programs page today! 

And if a kinesiology degree isn’t your path, get inspired by our other programs — like medical assisting, communication studies, or accounting.