SJCC Latinx Heritage Month Events

On behalf of the Latina/o Education Association (LEA), the President’s Arts and Lecture Series and Chicana/o Studies, and Music Department, we invite you to join us as we celebrate the culture, resilience and contributions of the Latinx Chicanx community. 

This year’s theme of, “De América, Yo Soy” (I am from America) is borrowed from the song, “América” by Los Tigres Del Norte (The Tigers of the North). 

Founded in 1968 in San Jose, Ca, Los Tigres have sold more than 40 million albums, won numerous Grammys and Latin Grammy awards and were recently awarded the keys to the City of San Jose. 

The Latina/o Education Association adopted this year’s theme to draw attention to the ideas represented in the song, “América” from Los Tigres’ Album, “Gracias!…América Sin Fronteras” (Thank you…America without Borders). 

The band’s Norteño style of music has captured the voices of Latinx immigrants with their popular “corridos” (ballads) that relate stories of struggle, hardship and the dignity with which immigrant workers have contributed to the U.S. 

We would like to encourage our SJCC community to enjoy and learn from the variety of presentations and cultural events scheduled during this year’s celebration of Latinx Heritage Month.  Adelante!

Please mark your calendars, save the dates, brings your class and share with student and campus community.