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Improve Your Personal Finances with SparkPoint SJCC

No matter where you are on your educational journey, figuring out how to manage your personal finances is a process. Too often it can be scary, stressful, and downright confusing. Sometimes it can even feel like your money issues are holding you back.

At San José City College, we strive to do everything we can to help our students achieve their dreams. And we know that personal finance can play a huge role. That’s why we’re proud to offer SparkPoint San José — one of our many on-campus student support services. It provides unique and comprehensive financial education to students and other community members.

Whether it’s a specific goal like paying for your associate degree or the longer term dream of financial independence, look no further. SparkPoint San José will gladly provide you with the tools you need to move towards financial stability and ultimately — financial freedom.

Roar Market Day. SparkPoint offered 7 monthly farmers market to all district students at no cost to them. They hope to continue Roar Market Days when the San José City College campus re-opens.
Roar Market Day — SparkPoint offered 7 monthly farmers market to all district students at no cost to them. They hope to continue Roar Market Days when the SJCC campus re-opens.

What is SparkPoint?

SparkPoint San José is a program offered by the Community College Center for Economic Mobility, which serves the San José-Evergreen Community College District. It is also funded by United Way Bay Area.

According to the Director and Manager of SparkPoint, Vanessa Muñiz, “SparkPoint is a network of financial capability centers offering both college students and community members access to tools that enable them to build personal financial health and connect participants to resources that can assist them in achieving their financial dreams.”

Their website elaborates this definition. “SparkPoint staff provide a holistic approach to ensure that participants overcome financial barriers that directly impact their economic mobility and self-sufficiency.”

Essentially, SparkPoint helps you take control of your money so that you can achieve your financial goals. It’s is an amazing resource that is unique to only a few bay area community colleges. Now let’s learn more about the SparkPoint approach.

“Taking up SparkPoint financial coaching at SJCC really has helped me. Learning how to manage my money and budget has allowed me to move out on my own and be financially prepared and less stressed.”

SparkPoint Participant

How SparkPoint Leads to Long-Term Financial Success

The knowledgeable staff at SparkPoint know that real, long-lasting financial wellness requires a comprehensive approach. It’s not just about financial aid and it’s not just about savings. It’s about taking control of your money, and the financial resources available to you.

SparkPoint is FREE

If you’ve ever Google’d “financial advisor near me,” then you’ve probably found yourself frustrated by how expensive they are. SparkPoint provides free financial services because they want to reach the communities who would most benefit from them.

SparkPoint San José is About Financial Capability

Above all, SparkPoint knows the value of financial literacy and capability. The staff and peer mentors are empathetic and passionate about helping you master the tools you need to overcome any financial obstacle. Through careful guidance and mentoring, they will help you establish a strong financial foundation so that you can thrive personally and academically.

SparkPoint Meets You Where You Are

“Our mission is to meet where students they are at, listen and explore their personal financial goals and work with them to plan and achieve their dreams.” Muñiz said. “They can take the skills learned and continue to build upon them so that they achieve their definition of financial self-sufficiency and success.”

Most importantly, everyone is welcome at SparkPoint. Whether you have a simple question about opening a bank account or you’re looking for help with a detailed financial plan to help you buy a car, SparkPoint has your back.

So you might be wondering — how exactly does SparkPoint provide such transformative financial assistance? 

“By building their individual financial foundation, they can take the skills learned and continue to build upon so that they achieve their definition of financial self-sufficiency and success.”

Vanessa Muñiz, SparkPoint Director and Manager

What Financial Planning Does SparkPoint Offer?

In order to truly empower students so that they can achieve financial independence on their own terms — SparkPoint teaches financial stability from the ground up. 

SparkPoint Financial Services

SparkPoint provides personalized financial support for a wide range of circumstances, challenges, and goals. So that every student and community member leaves prepared to realize their next goal. Here’s how.

  • Financial Coaching: Meet one-on-one with a financial coach to create an individualized financial plan. Learn how to budget, save, and so much more.
  • Career Coaching: Connect with a career coach for one-on-one help with your resume, interview prep, and employment opportunities.
  • Credit & Debt Coaching: You can count on this coach to help you get out of debt, build your credit score, or even explore homeownership.
  • Free Legal Clinics: Twice a month, SparkPoint participants get the opportunity to meet with an attorney from Bay Area Legal Aid. They can even connect one-on-one to discuss their legal questions.
  • CalFresh Screening & Enrollment: This program helps bring healthy and nutritious food to low-income families.
  • Free Tax Preparation Services: Qualified SparkPoint staff can help you with your tax filing needs.
  • Peer Money Mentors: Get financial advice from your fellow students who have been trained by SparkPoint staff.

Since the COVID 19 pandemic hit, SparkPoint has also prioritized Basic Needs coverage through things like mini-grants and rental assistance. Truly, every aspect of your personal finances can be improved at SparkPoint. It’s a ‘judgement free zone’ where everyone wants to see you thrive financially.

“SparkPoint offers students 1:1 assistance for as long as it takes for them to achieve their financial goals.” Muñiz said. Check out a more detailed list of services at SJCC SparkPoint.

SparkPoint Tax Flyer 2021.

“There are so many resources out there that I would have never known about if it hadn’t been for SparkPoint.”  

SparkPoint Participant

SparkPoint is a Community-Focused Organization

The core of SparkPoint’s services involves working one-on-one with individuals so that they feel empowered to take control of their personal finances and their future. But SparkPoint is also committed to its role as a community organization. 

“SparkPoint provides services and partners with many campus programs.” Muñiz said. It “also collaborates with other local non-profit organizations to offer students referrals and or other services.”

The organization also works closely with SJCC METAS to train students who are particularly interested in personal finance, so that they can become Peer Money Mentors.

In addition to METAS, they also partner with Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley, Kaiser Permanente, Foundation for California Community Colleges, Internal Revenue Services VITA program, Mayan LatinX Coaching, Life onTrak Coaching and many more.

SparkPoint is a Financial Opportunity

Financial wellness is key to overall success. And SparkPoint San José is an incredible financial opportunity you can’t pass up — so reach out today. Remember, you have nothing to lose.

And if you’re interested in additional community organizations at SJCC, check out Umoja and the Puente Project.

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